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Westchester Holistic Network - May 2019 Community Meeting

Westchester Holistic Network May Meeting

 Trance Writing the Healing Journey with Kristin Prevallet

Tuesday May 21:
Networking starts 6:30
Formal meeting at 7 PM 

If you’re a holistic practitioner, psychotherapist or change-worker and you are working on writing a book, blog or newsletter but are feeling stuck, trance writing is a holistic practice that is easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Trance writing activates both flow and form in the telling of a story; therefore, it is perfect for holistic practitioners and those on the healing journey.

Working as an alternative therapy practitioner, as well as a poet, teacher, therapeutic hypnotist and an integral health coach,Kristin Prevallet teaches courses in writing and thinking .  For this program, through lecture and discussion she will explain her approach of trance writing and why it can be helpful for yourself and in your healing practice.

Kristin will lead the participants through a brief visualization that will elicit a state of trance writing         and give a better idea of how to incorporate Trance Writing into their daily practice.  By doing this you will have a whole new understanding of what writing is, and how it comes into form.